I was a finalist for the 2009 Crimespree Magazine awards, for best comics writer!

“Cash & Carry” was a finalist for a 2009 Lovey Award!

  • Crimespree Magazine has an interview with me in Issue 31 – the one with Brian Azzerelo on the cover. The big news: I don’t know if Diangelo will survive his current adventure. UPDATE: That interview is now online here.
  • Robot6 over at Comicbookresources picked up my book at Comiccon. His reaction: “Start reading Cash & Carry while they’re making my lunch. The book’s very good.”
  • Couple of other observations about Comiccon from Jon and Ruth Jordan over at the Crimespree blog. Among them: “Tim Broderick could work as a Circus Hawker but seeing his daughters sell out their first comic? Even better.” Yeah!
  • Finally, I had stopped a nice girl on preview night to see if she’d be interested in “Cash & Carry.” Turns out she was a new reporter for the Chicago Tribune’s new high school section Mash. She was going to try and come back to talk to my girls, but she missed them. So instead, I ended up in the story. BTW, when I say “freak show of mammoth proportions,” I mean that in a good way!

Tim Broderick has a unique ability to tell a story in a very whispered way … (Cash & Carry) is a perfect crime fiction graphic novel.
— Jon Jordan, Crimespree Magazine

… his sure command of plot and dialogue has already earned him an option from Warner Brothers for a possible TV series based on Diangelo’s unusual escapades.
— Booklist, the American Library Association’s review journal

“Tim Broderick creates a wired, William Gibson-like world in CASH & CARRY–all slick surfaces, shadowy operatives, and pervasive paranoia–and his hero, David Diangelo, is a consummate pro who navigates it all with icy aplomb. CASH & CARRY a cool blast.”
- Peter Spiegelman, Shamus Award-winning author of the John March novels

“A web comic whose intentionally rough artwork belied the sophistication and compassion of his writing. A shamus takes on those “odd jobs” nobody else wants. “Someday they’ll all be odd jobs.” Take heed.”
- Kevin Burton Smith, from his listing of the top 100 private eyes created since Mystery Scene Magazine’s debut in 1985. Thanks Kevin and Mystery Scene!

Jennifer Contino interviewed me over at the Pulse.

Todd Allen interviewed me over at Comic Book Resources. Thanks Jen!

“With Odd Jobs, Broderick has created an instant comic classic, easily on a par with David Lapham’s on-going Stray Bullets, Vertigo’s Scene of the Crime mini-series or Max Allan Collins and Piers Rayners’ Road To Perdition graphic novel, and far superior to some of the more pretentious, overblown pretenders to the crime comic throne.”
- Kevin Burton Smith,

“A deceptively textured commentary on the vagaries of modern life and the loss of privacy, CASH & CARRY is a fine blend of comic strip and corruption, of panic and paranoia. It’s both fun and frightening.”
- Reed Farrel Coleman, Shamus, Barry, and Anthony Award-winning author of “Soul Patch”

“I dare you to put Cash & Carry down once you start it. This one has it all: dynamic graphics, snappy dialogue, and expert pacing. Tim Broderick has clearly taken his place among the best graphic novelists out there.”
- Julie Hyzy, Lovey Award-winning author of “State of the Onion”

“Well-drawn, distinctive characters in a solid plot and a real sense of urban angst. These are people you can care about.”
- Barbara D’Amato, Author of the best-selling Cat Marsala mysteries

“Raymond Chandler good. …Tim Broderick is a master storyteller, at the top of his game.”
- Joe Konrath, Anthony-nominated author of Whiskey Sour

“An intriguing tale that pushes the boundaries of the graphic novel.”
- Raymond Benson, estate-authorized author of the James Bond novels, and author of Evil Hours

“Overall, however, I’d say that Tim’s using the heavy black-and white shading very effectively, evoking a film noire look that compliments his storytelling well. It’s really a joy to read.
Tim’s pacing and storytelling ability are superb. … More importantly, I keep showing up, week after week to see what’s going to happen next. He’s got a great story going and he’s taking his time and telling it right. There’s unrequited love in the first couple pages, the lead character is a bit of a drifter, there’s a girl missing for several years and her father still trying to find her and … oh yeah, the box. “It’s not a fetus…” the old man says! Holey moley, what a nice touch. Up until that panel, it was a box …. NOW it’s a box that DOESN’T contain a fetus — so what DOES it contain?”
- Brad Guigar, Greystone Inn

“Because it’s in hard blacks and whites, it does evoke a strong ‘detective noir’ feel to it. I like the character of David DiAngelo, because he’s not perfect, and yet he’s pretty good at unraveling the tapestry of this mystery.”
- From the Sequential Tart review, which gives Odd Jobs a 9 out of 10 (excellent) rating.

“…you should ALL go read now to get HOOKED on his wonderful serial detective-esque comic. The first story is good, but the second one is already verging on BRILLIANT”
“Odd Jobs has always been a good read, but Tim Broderick really shines in his second David DiAngelo story! The art is crisper, the pacing is excellent, the plot is intriguing, and all in all, Odd Jobs is stepping up as one of the best “serious” webcomic serials out there. A gripping suspense/mystery story will keep you on your toes and at your mouse as you left-click madly to get to the next page and to the bottom of this great whodunnit tale!
- Frank “Damonk,” Framed

“…another really cool comic you should all check out is Odd Jobs by Tim Broderick. It’s a dramatic serial strip, unlike anything I’ve seen to date on the web. Reminds me of Twin Peaks, only in a good way.”
- Josh Phillips, Avalon

“This is so David Lynch, so Underground 80s, so Odd, that I just love it!”
- Jamie Robertson, Clan of the Cats

“Totally the coolest thing on the web right now. … it’s first story line has already knocked my socks off, with so many twists, turns and tensions, drawn out with savory anticipation, that checking this comic is the first thing I do ….”
- Number 12, Wunderland

“A really intriguing comic. great story and art.”
- Tabiaz, editor, Open Directory Project