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About me
Born and raised in a suburb bordering Chicago, Tim Broderick attended high school in the city, then earned a journalism degree from Eastern Illinois University, graduating in 1984 with numerous awards for cartooning.

Tim began work as a newspaper artist, but he was drawn to an emerging form embodied by Art Speigleman’s “Maus” and Fantagraphics’ “Love & Rockets” during comics’ “black and white explosion” of the mid-eighties.

When the movement died out, Tim put aside the story he had been developing: “Riot 57,” featuring an early version of his character David Diangelo.

He married his wife Kathy and they had identical-twin daughters – Elena and Nora – in 1995. But late in the ‘90s, a flood destroyed all his artwork, including “Riot 57.” He had nothing to show to his children.

That led Tim to develop a series for the web. “Lost Child” debuted in May of 2000, and quickly gained a loyal following and critical attention.

In 2002, he joined the subscription website Moderntales.com, earning enough to become a full, Active member of Mystery Writers of America.

Today, Tim has completed three graphic novels and is working on his fourth,”Children of the Revolution.”