Suckerpunch vs. Jane Eyre

So Saturday night the daughter units and I were kicked out of the house for my wife’s bookclub.
The DUs invited a few friends to go out to dinner and see a movie with us.
Not a lot they wanted to see, so we looked around at where we wanted to see a movie and settled on the theater near the Creperie on Clark Street, where Jane Eyre was playing.
Not my first choice for a movie, but it was great (even if you if you don’t normally like that sort of thing).
Interestingly, Suckerpunch wasn’t realistically in the running. I read somewhere that the director’s intent was an action flick that showed how empowered the female characters could be – or something like that.
My daughters looked at the skimpy lingerie outfits, unrealistic martial arts play and gorgeous characters in an unreal land and immediately dismissed it as the cartoonish male fantasy it probably is.
Note to Hollywood, that empowerment pickup line just isn’t working anymore.


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