Bittersweet journey

I’m leaving the family this weekend and heading downstate with a my friend Brian on what’s probably going to be closure for a lot of people.
Those of you who have read the dedication to my book would remember my friend Mark Evans, who was brutally murdered a couple of years ago. Well, since then the person we feel responsible for the murder was arrested – which is good news since it’s believed he’s responsible for a number of killings. However, we ended up with a large pool of reward money that didn’t need to be awarded to anyone.
So, I found myself appointed to be one of the trustees of a group asked to establish a college scholarship in Mark’s name. And so we did, and a number of us are meeting Mark’s parents down at Eastern Illinois University for the dedication of the new arts center, and a small memorial ceremony.
The scholarship will benefit an art student from central Illinois who has an interest in new media.
Hopefully, it’ll do some good.


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