Media mentions all over the place

A bit of buzz around the net and in print. Here’s who’s talking:

  • Crimespree Magazine has an interview with me in Issue 31 – the one with Brian Azzerelo on the cover. The big news: I don’t know if Diangelo will survive his current adventure. UPDATE: That interview is now online here.
  • Robot6 over at Comicbookresources picked up my book at Comiccon. His reaction: “Start reading Cash & Carry while they’re making my lunch. The book’s very good.”
  • Couple of other observations about Comiccon from Jon and Ruth Jordan over at the Crimespree blog. Among them: “Tim Broderick could work as a Circus Hawker but seeing his daughters sell out their first comic? Even better.” Yeah!
  • Finally, I had stopped a nice girl on preview night to see if she’d be interested in “Cash & Carry.” Turns out she was a new reporter for the Chicago Tribune’s new high school section Mash. She was going to try and come back to talk to my girls, but she missed them. So instead, I ended up in the story. BTW, when I say “freak show of mammoth proportions,” I mean that in a good way!

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