Closing arguments

Closing arguments are done. I’m in the waiting area with the 15-year old’s mother as she tells a writer about how she brought her son from Sudan to keep him from being taken to fight in the civil war there, only to have killed in America.
The prosecutors gave arguments first, pretty much going over the details of their case.
Defense then got up and put forward the assertion that Pena was being framed by the street gang, and all the witnesses were liars. His description of events seemed designed to confuse rather than describe.
Prosecution’s rebuttal was forceful – almost surprisingly so. But effective, in my opinion.
So now we wait for the jury’s decision.


One Response to “Closing arguments”

  1. Brian Peterlinz

    Hoping for a guilty verdict. Might be a day or two before we find out.

    Thanks for attending all those days, Tim, and reporting on it.

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