Atwoodfest is on!

Just got word from my pal Matt Geber that Atwoodfest is on for June 6. This is an annual celebration of the life of one of my best friends, Mark Evans.
If you’ve read the forward to Cash & Carry, you know a bit about him.
Mark was murdered three years ago in a vicious robbery gone bad. His killer was caught much later and is currently awaiting trial.
There will be much drinking of very bad vodka as that was his drink of choice. Salute!


One Response to “Atwoodfest is on!”

  1. Marty

    Hi Tim:

    Sorry to read about the passing of Atwood. Great guy. Funny and friendly. I learned of his murder today. (Only nine years later!)

    Are there any updates to this story? Mark Evans was a co-worker of mine in the late ’80s. For some reason, I Googled his name today. Shocked to hear.

    What is Cash and Carry? Please enlighten me, and thank you for your time.

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