Hapkido cane

So since my knees aren’t what they used to be, and since I have a few gray hairs, I promised myself a while ago that if I got my black belt I would seek to learn how to use the cane as a weapon. That’s something available to learn in Hapkido, taking a street-legal item like a cane and using it for self-defense.
Thursday night I brought my cane to class and Master Michael showed me a couple of techniques afterward.
The first is deceptively simple – take the cane and use the end of it to strike a person’s midsection.
The interesting thing is that in doing that, you’ve extended your reach beyond what you could normally expect with your hands or your feet. Add the length of the cane to the length of your arm and you’re striking your opponent before they can get into range of striking you. He follows that with a quick move of whipping the cane around and up, striking the top of the head. Simple, but very tactical.
The other move I won’t explain, but it ends with a nasty choke using the hook of the cane.
Of course my wife jokes that I’ll resemble the cranky guy in “Up,” getting committed because I wacked some innocent with a stick.
Somehow, it always comes back to cartoons.


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