In which my family tries to kill me

There are two things that really raise my blood pressure – to the point that my head might explode: driving in traffic and computer problems.
Saturday, my family tried to combine the two.
I was driving home when I got a call from my one of my daughters. Apparently we were having printing problems so severe they needed to call. As calmly as I could, I said I couldn’t do anything for them while I was on the road, and hung up.
Now, I hate it when things don’t work the way they’re supposed to so I didn’t mind the call.
But when I got home, I couldn’t solve the problem. In fact, the next day, I found I couldn’t launch photoshop to finish up the page I’d been working on or any of the Adobe suite products I own.
At that point, I’m thinking that I really don’t want to purchase a new computer – the cost would be painful, but the amount of work transferring all our crap would be worse. Fortunately, we have backups of all our files.
Eventually I had to reinstall the system after running disk repair. Everything seems to be working OK now, even printing.
Tonight I try to reinstall my Adobe suite and if I’m successful the way I’m attempting to be, I’ll have done this without my usual bad habit of swearing and general computer rage.
So far, I’ve taken it all pretty calmly, and if i keep that up I’ll call that a win.

Update: All’s well and reinstalled. maybe even post the new comic tomorrow.


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