The following 30 pages are a free preview of my mystery/graphic novel “Cash & Carry,” the book that won me an option for television by Thunder Road Studios and Warner Bros. Published by Echelon Press, it’s gotten great reviews from Crimespree Magazine and the American Library Association’s Booklist, among others:

“Tim Broderick has a unique ability to tell a story in a very whispered way ,,, This is a perfect crime fiction graphic novel.”
— Jon Jordan, Crimespree Magazine

“… his sure command of plot and dialogue has already earned him an option from Warner Brothers for a possible TV series based on Diangelo’s unusual escapades.”
— Booklist

“A web comic whose intentionally rough artwork belied the sophistication and compassion of his writing. A shamus takes on those “odd jobs” nobody else wants. “Someday they’ll all be odd jobs.” Take heed.”
— Top 100 private eyes of the Mystery Scene Era, Mystery Scene Magazine

If you like what you’ve read, you can buy it at


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