About “Something to build upon”

Something to build upon was my second story, but the first full graphic novel. It appeared on the web starting in 2001 at a comics hosting site known as Keenspace before moving to the subscription comics site Moderntales.

In 2004, it was picked up by local, non-profit publisher called Twilight Tales, now defunct. With good reviews and hard work, I was able to sell through for them very quickly and have the last box of books published. I received the rights and permission to republish the book in late 2010, and eventually plan a POD and ebook version when I’m able.

The first Odd Jobs story, Lost Child, has odd page sizes. At some point I’ll figure out how to move it to this site.

I also have a free preview up for the third book, Cash & Carry, which is available for purchase at Amazon.com.

I’m very slowly working on the fourth Odd Jobs story, Children of the Revolution, which starts here.


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