For the last, at least, five years, I’ve had a problem with boundaries. Specifically, the boundary between my work life and home life. I work – a lot. And in the past several years, more and more of my time and focus has been on updating my skills and producing some good journalism. Which is good and important – I’m lucky to like what I’m doing. But my family and cartooning life has suffered. I have to put that in balance, especially since my daughters Read More +

Winter of 2014

I did this series of interactive graphics using Highcharts, which is based on something called D3 that I’m also learning. Read More +

Playing around

I’m experimenting with putting interactives in a wordpress site. I could use iframes, but I think those are sometimes inelegant. Read More +

Portfolio section added

You can take a look at my professional work here. This is something I’ve been meaning to do for a long time –, where a huge number of people had their online portfolio up, is no longer. There’s a .org site up, but it seems to make more sense for me just to create my own spot here.