Knee jerk

Bubs stopped by in the thread below and asked about my knee. Thanks Bubs!
Actually, it’s doing pretty good. Problem is, the same travel and workload that kept me from updating my latest story also kept me from doing something rather important: Physical therapy.
I know, really stupid. Still, I did a lot of walking and stretching and … the doctor told me Monday that I’ll have a bit of a harder time breaking up the scar tissue that’s built up since then.
Oh well, I guess I’ll deserve it. So, I’m going to make the call this week and start getting my range of motion back. Then, back to Hapkido.
Meantime, go see Bubs’ Freak of the week


One Response to “Knee jerk”

  1. Tim,

    Ugh. Sorry to see you are injured! That sucks. I’ll say a prayer for your speedy recovery. Stick to the plan when it comes to your health, man!

    Thanks for the plug. Also, neat stuff about submitting to publishers. Didn’t see that before.


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