Vertigo Crime line

Good day Friday, with the signing at Geppi’s Museum and the panel where Vertigo introduced their new Crime line.
First the Vertigo panel:
I’d met Jason Starr at Chicago’s Love is Murder con, and he took me aside to show me some advance pages – they were beautiful. And the story is intriquing too. It was definitely something I wanted to sit down and read.
So I was looking forward to seeing the rest of the books and I can say that I was not disappointed.
First off, the books are all constructed with in the tradition of the novel – a self-contained story with memorable characters who (if they survive) could go on to be used in subsequent stories. The art for all of these books is black-and-white, some with grayscale while others are more stark.
And the stories look great. Jason’s features a young woman dealing with a significant and violent change in her life, Brian Azzarello has a disgraced college football player being hired to watch out for a rich man’s daughter in the sixties. Gary Phillips has a black detective and a white detective being forced to team up to solve their crime.
Finally, Ian Rankin works with the character John Constantine. Keep in mind that these were just quick previews so I don’t have a lot of info.
But I think it’s great news – and something I’ve been waiting for.
Kudos to DC for taking a serious step into real graphic novels – not just repackaging monthly comics. And they’re doing it with their eyes wide open to the challenge.
You see, they’re not just marketing this to comics readers, they’re doing this with the idea that these books should be shelved in the GN shelves of bookstores AND the mystery section.
Exactly what I’ve been preaching all these years, so I feel pretty good that others have seen the same potential.
I’ll blog more about the signing later.


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  1. Hi Martin

    I’m not sure – I know that they’re still in progress, so I’ll guess the Spring?

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