Stop being stupid and get out of my way

I hate when technology fails.
I especially hate, hate, hate automated telephone systems. All they’re designed to do is take away jobs from real people. When they don’t work, they add frustration to the whole process. It took me a half hour to order movie tickets over the phone for NO GOOD REASON.
And you know what else? I don’t like it when you have real people but they’re all the way over in a different country. I don’t have anything against those people, but the system is set up where those people don’t have any real power in or knowledge of the system. So they more often than not can’t answer my questions and I have to spend my time convince them to transfer me to someone who can help me.
I’m not tech ignorant, I’m very efficient when I want to be, especially when I’m on the phone or on the web. I’m ready to do business.
So when I have to deal with a poorly designed website (like with a certain con), or navigate through a crappy phone tree system (no I don’t want to join your stinking movie club) or deal with AT&T in general, I get seriously pissed off.
I’m ready to do business. Stop being stupid and get out of my way.


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