It was a dark and stormy night!

And it really was on Thursday at my first Barnes & Noble signing.
Originally, we had planned to do a short drawing program then open it up for questions and such. But with the remnants of Hurricane Gustav raining down, hardly anyone was in the store.
Naperville has a nice little downtown, but in the summer it relies heavily on foot traffic so the staff knew people wouldn’t be turning out. They set up a table next to the entrance and probably didn’t expect much out of the evening.
But I came through.
There were probably 20-30 people tops who came into the store over the course of two hours, and that’s a generous estimate. I sold ten books.
That’s close to a selling a book to half the people who came into the store. Half! And the pace of ten books an hour was about the same as the pace I had at Wizard World comiccon here in Chicago, where I sold 65 books over two and half days.
Naperville rocks!
And more importantly, I left the staff of that B&N happy. They gave me the opportunity and I didn’t let them down. I’m so happy about that.
They told me stories of authors who would be in there when the store was PACKED on a Saturday, and they’d sell one or two books.
So, thanks to Kerrilee Meeker and the whole staff of the Naperville Barnes & Noble. If you’re in the area, please drop by and say hello to them. They’re at 47 E Chicago Avenue, at the corner of Washington and Chicago in downtown Naperville.

Here’s some upcoming events:
Featured speaker Sunday, September 7, 2008, 1-3 pm, I’ll be talking about graphic novels for writers at the Midwest chapter meeting of the Mystery Writers of America. It’s held at Centuries and Sleuths bookstore, 7419 W. Madison St. Forest Park, IL. For more information, call (708)771-7243.

Chicago Non-Sport Card Expo on Friday, September 13, 2008, 2-7 pm. I was late contacting them, but they were kind enough to offer me a table for Friday afternoon. It’s at the Carol Stream, IL, Holiday Inn, 150 South Gary Avenue. For more information, call 630.665.3000.


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