Trial day 3

Brian intends to get a more complete post up as soon as he can, but the short story is most of the shortened day (due to the holiday) was forensics testimony. According to Brian, they showed how the ballistic information found by police seem to back up what witnesses have said:
- That the boy was killed by Pena at close range and, based on wounds to his arms, may not have realized that he was going to be shot.
- That two different guns were used, one for Mark and one for the boy.
- That Pena and the boy were in a stolen car together earlier that day, based on fingerprints found in the car.
I’ll be attending tomorrow’s (Monday) session, which will be closing arguments and final instructions to the jury. I’ll try to post something here on the blog from the courthouse, but I don’t know how long it’ll take to get a verdict. I’ll be staying as long as I can tomorrow.


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  1. Matt told me he’ll be there, and intends to stay until the verdict. The verdict may not come tomorrow– maybe Tuesday, based on my experience as a law clerk. Let’s hope we get the verdict we want– the correct verdict.

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