Coding the Irish way

So I finally got a chance to do a tutorial on using the terminal. Really no big deal.
I quickly moved onto installing Python on the Mac laptop I have a development environment on. Next, I’ll install Pip and then django.
I’m following the steps from, created by a couple of professors from the University of Glasgow.
I’m also going though the free Python tutorials at
So does that mean I’m choosing Python/Django over Ruby on Rails? Of course not – the terminal tutorial I did leads into Ruby on Rails. Right now I’m trying out both – I figure one will “feel” better than the other and that’s the one I’ll tend to pursue.
Really my intention is to be able to work with a postgis database, so I may end up sticking with jquery and wordpress.
At any rate, I still need to get up to speed with D3 too, so there’s no end to this rabbit hole.
But I do feel like I’ve made some progress.


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