When the going gets weird…

So if you follow me on Facebook or even twitter, since my facebook feed is connected to twitter, you’ll know that I’ve been pretty involved in a lot of things:

- Helping the girls get their college apps done and sent
- Getting our taxes done so we could complete the FAFSA and CSS
- Redesigning this website as it was horribly out of date on the back end. Last week I added the portfolio portion, so head over to take a look. There’s still some things that bug me about the wordpress theme I’m using, but it’s fine for now.
- Updating my own personal workflow, as I was working on an old Mac with CS2 software. Sorry Adobe, but giving you $1,000 a year is not an option. I’m working with Mangastudio now.
- On the professional side, I spent the last year getting up to speed with coding, specifically jquery and using php to access mysql.

And I’ve just started down the rabbit hole. The title of this post refers to a Hunter S. Thompson quote: “When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.”
So it’s time to turn pro – this weekend I’m doing a tutorial on the command line. There’s too many things I want to be able to do that I need to be able to use the command line for. I want to learn either Ruby on Rails or Django/Python and I want to set up a Postgis database for my mapping projects. So command line it is.
If you’re interested in seeing the kinds of things I’ve been working with, check out the site I created for a presentation to the Illinois College Press Association, using the same structure as my portfolio site.
But I’m also going get a page done and posted as well.
So, productive weekend ahead. More coffee please.


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